Disability Coverage

Disability Coverage

If you experience an injury or illness that prevents you from working, disability coverage provides partial income replacement to assist you financially.

Short-Term Disability (STD)*

Short-Term Disability coverage provides you with a portion of income replacement if you are unable to work due to a non-work-related illness or injury. Non-CA residents are automatically enrolled in STD coverage at no cost to you. All employees including CA residents may enroll in a Buy Up option.

STD benefits are offset by any State Disability Insurance after a 7-day waiting period.

*California employees are covered by the state plan.

Long-Term Disability (LTD)

Long-Term Disability pays you a portion of your earnings if you cannot work for an extended period due to a disabling illness or injury. You are automatically enrolled in LTD coverage at no cost to you.

You will continue to receive benefits if you meet the definition of disability or reach Social Security Normal Retirement Age. Benefits are reduced by other sources of disability income you may qualify for such as Social Security and Workers’ Compensation.

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