Medical Coverage

Which Medical Plan Is Right for You?

When deciding which medical plan is right for you and your family, there are several factors to consider. Take a moment to review your Decisions guide to help you understand which plan is right for you.

Each plan varies in terms of features, level of coverage, and eligibility for accounts such as an HSA or FSA. Choosing the right plan based on your anticipated health care usage is the best way to save the most money during the plan year.

The chart below demonstrates some of the differences in how each plan functions.

Medical Plan Comparison

Incora offers you many medical plan options to fit your need and budget. The comparison below reflects in-network details. The HDHP and PPO plans offer out-of-network coverage, but you typically save the most when staying in-network. If you have questions on utilizing your coverage, contact TouchCare at 1-866-486-8242 or email

If you need any help with any of Your Incora benefits, please contact your TouchCare Personal Benefits Assistant by calling 1-866-486-8242, emailing, or by visiting

Is My Doctor or Pharmacy in Cigna’s Network?

Visit Cigna Health Care Provider Directory and follow these steps:

  1. Under How Are You Covered, click on Employer or School
  2. Enter the location of your current provider
  3. Select if you want to search by doctor type, doctor name, or by facility
  4. Enter your search criteria
  5. Click on Continue as Guest
  6. Verify address and click Continue
  7. Choose one of Incora’s Medical plans
    1. For the Open Access Plus HDHP or the Open Access Plus PPO, select Open Access Plus
    2. For the EPO, select LocalPlus (CA and TX residents only)
  8. Review in-network providers based on the criteria you provided to see if your provider is in Cigna’s network

Note: Incora plans do not cover out-of-network pharmacies!

Medical Plan Documents

For additional details regarding your medical coverage, please review the documents below:


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